Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip

Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip

This is the time of the year when people make travel plans with their pals and families. No matter whether you are planning a Pakistan Tour or visit specific regions of the country, don’t go for planes, buses, or trains, instead, try something more exciting and adventurous i.e. a road trip! Traveling is fun and enjoyment but from a health point of a view, it is more than that. It has been studied that traveling reduces stress, relaxes minds, and refreshes the body. Continue reading “Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip”

Visa-free travel renounced between Antigua-Barbuda & Canada

Visa-free travel canada & Antigua

“All well that ends well! Visa-free travel between Canada & Antigua-Barbuda ended with introduction of revised travel regulation”

Beneficiaries of Antigua and Barbuda passport and citizens of the twin-island state travelling to Canada from now on-wards would require a visa. This happened after the North American country renounced an exemption for the twin-island state. Continue reading “Visa-free travel renounced between Antigua-Barbuda & Canada”

10 Must-Dos so You Can See All of Sydney in Two Days

Sydney - Queen Victoria Building

As one of the most popular metropolises in the world, Sydney is the city of numerous attractions, vibrant culture, superb cuisine and laid-back lifestyle. Once you visit this cosmopolitan city, you’ll wish to spend the rest of your life sunbathing on its beautiful beaches or discovering its beauties. However, if you have only two days at disposal, try to see as much of it as possible in order to soak in its authentic spirit. Continue reading “10 Must-Dos so You Can See All of Sydney in Two Days”