Tadoba National Park is one of the top in the country to have the Tiger reserve in the district of Chandrapur, Maharashtra state in central India. Tadoba National Park is also one of the largest and oldest national parks. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve has the widest area of 625.4 square kilometer and it was created in the year 1955. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary covers the wide area of 508.85 square kilometers inspiring many people to get the best class option for viewing many animals and birds. One of the recent census states that there are 65 big cats are present in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve that excludes the 20 odd cubs according to park officials in the national park.

Tadoba Wilderness:

The Tadoba wilderness is filled with many varieties of trees, grasses and plants so the forest is covered with Bamboo.

Confirm Tadoba Jeep Safari For Tiger Land Tour

Tadoba National Park has the wildlife that includes the sloth bears, Tigers, Leopards, Hyenas, Jackals, Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Gaur, Wild Dogs and many more seen in the wilderness. Some of the rare species such as elusive brow-antlered deer, tree shrew, chausingha and many more seen in this beautiful forest. The Tadoba National Park has numerous reptiles, birds and insects species found.

Confirm Tadoba Jeep Safari:

When you plan to visit this Tadoba National Park, then you need to get the professional help for getting a complete view of the jungle. The reserve also has the limited places for staying so that choosing the first class Tadoba Jeep safari will be convenient. Elephant rides in the national park are also available so easier for enjoying the jungle riding on the elephant. Jeep will be picking from the hotel so the local representative arranges for the booking of the food and many other facilities.

The morning safari will be starting from 0600 Hrs and ends in 1100 Hrs. All the vehicles will be more comfortable for you to ride and it is completely safe for you to enjoy viewing all the animals and plants in the beautiful forest. Afternoon Safari will be beginning from 1500 Hrs till 1830 Hrs. Since the Tadoba Tiger Reserve entrance will be opened only for the limited visitors, booking confirm for the Tadoba Jeep safari in the online will be convenient. You need to carry Photo Id while entering the tickets while purchasing the ticket. The park will be opened in November to May months, as the water will be scarce during the summer season. So why waiting for, Just go for Tadoba Jeep Safari and go to “The Land of Tiger”

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