History of Dudhwa National park:

Dudhwa National Park situated in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh is certainly a heavenly destination on planet. Abode to countless species of animals and birds, this park is worthy visiting. Spread across a land area of 811 square km, the park marks its huge territory that mainly consists of grasslands, marshes and forests. Dudhwa National Park renders an undistributed natural habitat for a myriad diversity of flora and fauna. Set up as a wildlife sanctuary for the swamp deers in the year 1958, this park had a long way of ups and downs. As a result of a die-hard effort taken by Billy Arjan Singh, wildlife conservationist, the park received its recognition as a National Park in the year 1977. Since Billy was highly inclined over the big cats of the forests, this park has turned out to be the project Tiger. Currently, the park encompasses a huge population of swamp Deers and Tigers.

dudhwa national park florican birds

Bengal Florican Birds Found In Dudhwa National Park

Flora and wildlife admiration of Dudhwa:

Dudhwa Reserve embodies some of the finest natural grasslands and forests left in the Uttar Pradesh’s Terai district. The type of vegetation found in this park is of North Indian Wet deciduous, including some of the superior examples of Sal jungles in India and also the widespread tracts of the humid grasslands which endure in this region. The landscape within the Dudhwa National Park is of alluvial plain and constitutes various rivulets, pools and lakes. The rich indo-gangetic plain supports different birds and animals including the scarce swamp deer leopard, ratel, fishing cat, hog deer, jackal and the barking deer. The sanctuary is also a refuge for bird enthusiasts and receives both migratory as well as residential birds. The best spot to observe the birds is at Banke Tal, where you can view geese, egrets, ducks, cormorants and swans. This park also remains as a natural habitat to various reptiles including snakes and crocodiles. The park is also a haven to distinct species of endangered animals.

Attractions to enjoy visiting at the park:

Frog temple is one of the biggest attractions that one must never miss visiting. By taking a fine trip from Dudhwa National Park, the visitors can reach the iconic Frog Temple located at Oel town that is set 12 kms apart from the Lakhimpur on the way to Sitapur. This temple is ideal in its kind as it is based on Maduk Tantra and was constructed by the former King of Oel state in the period from 1860 to 1870. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and it is deemed to be constructed at the back of a large frog.

Safari in the park:

Having a safari trip at Dudhwa National Park is one of the perfect activities that the wildlife lovers can make. During the safari trip, the visitors can observe the exciting species of the extremely dense ambience. This jeep Safari must be arranged privately by the visitors. Elephant rides along the park are also offered and the elephant drivers or the mahouts act as guides. So enjoy the game drive in Dudhwa National Park and tiger sighting there…

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