Just the name Bangladesh conjures up thoughts of an exotic land with a unique people in the mind of the traveler. The official name of this country is The People’s Republic of Bangladesh and it boasts an area of nearly 90,000 miles with a climate that has temperatures that range from 46 degrees Fahrenheit to approximately 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

The population of this nation is an estimated 130 million citizens. English is widely spoken but Bangla is the official state language. The principal crops that grow in Bangladesh are potatoes, sugarcane, tea, tobacco and rice, and the important fruits are green coconut, watermelon, jack-fruit,  pineapple, banana and mango.

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The typical tourist season runs from October to March which falls within the tail end of the summer and runs into the winter season. Typical tourist attractions include ancient archaeological sites, the Royal Bengal Tiger, the colorful tribal life as well as boasting the longest ocean shoreline.

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There are some historical monuments that shouldn’t be missed on a visit to Bangladesh such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum that gives the visitor a unique perspective of the sacrifices that were made in order for Bangladesh to achieve its freedom.

If you enjoy seafood, be sure you sample the Hilsa shad or Ilish which is a well known favorite of this nation of fish eaters.

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Bangladesh is chock full of history, culture and fine dining. It is a unique culture that can be found nowhere else on earth. Tourists to Bangladesh are amazed at the natural beauty and the art and music that can be enjoyed.

If you are thinking of visiting Bangladesh in the near future, you will not be disappointed and you may find that upon departing, you are eager to plan your next trip to Bangladesh to experience more of the unique culture that is solely  Bangladesh.

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