The Tadoba National Park is quite famous in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra State. Tadoba National Park has been created since 1955 with the wide area 116.55 square kilometers. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary is also created since 1986 that covers most of area with the 508.85 square kilometers. The beautiful sceneries in the forest inspire most of the people around the world.

The Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve or TATR is famous for most largest reserved forest in the state of Maharashtra as it has the total area of 625.4 square kilometers. The forest area is covered with the form fringes along with the buffer zones. The name ‘Taru’ is derived from the local deity in the Andhari River and it will be meandering in the forest thus giving the name. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has many different wetlands, lakes as well as reservoir for the Andhari river dam. One of the census details shows that there are 65 big cats present in Tiger population present in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. There are also 20 odd cubs that is sighted in the wilderness encouraging more number of people to visit here.

Numerous Species:

Tadoba wilderness has the infinite treasure that trove with the innumerable trees, grasses and plant species. Tadoba National Park is filled with the Bamboo as the dominant species with more than 60% of total forest. The groves of jamun and broad leafed in the forest provides the best class look making it the most wonderful forest of all. Some of the most common Wildlife includes like tigers, leopards, hyenas, jackals, sloth bears, wild dogs, barking deer, gaur, sambar, nilgai, cheetal and many more species that are sighted here. Many rare species are found in this beautiful forest with the elusive treeshrew, brow-antlered deer, chausingha and many more. There are various species of birds, insects and reptiles seen in Tadoba National Park giving the best option for the people to visit here. Tadoba National Park reserve is also equipped with the 3 administrative zones such as Moharli, Kolsa and Tadoba. Each of the reserve has different entry gates and the Moharli gats is considered as the most famous one.

Time To Visit Tadoba:

Tadoba National Park will be opened for November Months to May but choosing the November to Many months for visiting will be a finest choice for viewing all the animals. Confirm Tadoba Jeep Safari and enjoy The Jungle Safari and sighting which is also available to view all the regions in the jungle.

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