Best Travel Destinations For Food Lovers

Best Travel Destinations For Food Lovers

Being an adventure traveler, my second favorite hobby is trying out different cuisines yes I’m a big time “Foodie”. From Bangkok’s Thai pad to the delicious curries of the sub-continent and Italian creations of Italy, I love to try every kind of cuisine and the best way to do it is by visiting different countries. So I planned to book a travel deal which covered a few of the countries I was longing to travel to. Here is the list of those countries food lovers would enjoy.


Poland tour
Poland tour

Poland is often ignored by people when it comes to food tasting, but on my list it’s on the top because of its salted sausages, cheese laden dumpling and hot sizzling zurek soups. And when you visit Poland head towards the south mountains, where the serve smoked sheep cheese which is barbecued beneath the snowcapped mountains of Tatras.


Morocco tour
Morocco tour

Morocco is the right place to be when it comes to taste the finest Berber cuisine. This means get ready to tantalize your taste buds with fragrant tagine pots, herbal teas, the best fish of North Africa serve d in ancient medina towns.


Jamaica tour
Jamaica tour

If you like fresh food and let’s be honest who doesn’t like fresh food, then Jamaica has a lot of promises for you. Stroll on the streets of Jamaica and pick fresh fruits like plums, before settling in nearby bamboo hut get your tasted buds tantalized by fried salt fish with a shot of rum.


India tour - taj mahal
The Taj Mahal – India tour

India’s cuisine is the most varied cuisine of the world, from the spicy veggie biryani of Kerala, to the spicy “thalis” of Uttar Pradesh, or the smoked spicy fish of Nagaland, you jus don’t want to miss the food of India.


Thailand tours
Thailand tours

No foodie will miss out Bangkok from their list, with its long list of food stalls selling everything from coconut water to delicious noodle soup and barbecued critters on skewers. One has a vast range of choice when it comes to selecting food dishes in Bangkok.


Italy tour
Italy tour

Who can forget the Italians, they gave us the two most delicious dishes of the world the pizza and the pasta. The land of the Romans don’t only know how to make those crispy thin bread pizzas they also know how to cook spicy delicious seafood, aromatic coffees and cheesiliciouspestos, making Italy one of the best destinations for food lovers.


Mexico tours
Mexico tours

Who doesn’t love Mexican food and nights? I’m sure everyone does, the Mexicans really know what to cook, from chili laden salsa, guacamole, stuffed enchilada breads, dollops and crispy delicious tacos with yummy tequila cocktails. Mexico is the heaven for food lovers.

Kerala as One of India’s Popular Summer Getaway

Blessed with pristine natural beauty Kerala has always been ranked as one of the perfect tourist destinations in India. Tropical paradise, white sand beaches, fresh spices, tea plantations, a unique culture … there are countless reasons to visit this beautiful land. Though one of the smallest states of India, Kerala has plenty of options to offer the tourist.There is a lot to discover in Kerala and you will have sufficient options on how to spend a memorable summer this year.

It does not matter either you are traveling with your family or on your own; this region assures you mesmerizing reminiscences even when after you leave this place.Summer is a time to relax and have fun, so take some time off and prepare an ideal Holiday Tour Package to Kerala.kerala tour

Few reasons why it should be an ideal and best destination for your summer holiday in India:

  • Kerala is a great destination if you are interested in Ayurveda healing, as there are many beautiful spas where you can treat yourself to an Ayurveda massage and if you can mix a summer vacation with the beginning of monsoons which is supposed to be the best season for Ayurveda treatments.kerala tour
  • It has some of the most outstanding beaches where you can swim in the azure waters or relax in a hammock all day long.
  • This place offers some of the best luxurious hotels and resorts to ensure the comfort and well-being of the guests.
  • It also allows one to visit the beautiful spice plantation while stopping at different attractions. Getting to know about the selection of spices along with its do’s and don’ts is quite fascinating.
  • If you love adventure activities, then this land gives you the best of wildlife treks, mountaineering, rock climbing and other adventure tourism activities.
  • The backwaters of Kerala offers a wonderful and relaxing way to enjoy the lush countryside of Kerala while contentedly enjoying the luxurious ride on the houseboat.

Few places to visit:

One should be very specific while designing the tour package, as Kerala has a long list of alluring places to choose.

  • Firstly one should savea day to experience the beautiful Backwaters of Kerala. It is a unique way to relax and enjoy the culture of Kerala on board your own houseboat.kerala tour
  • Secondly,one should visit the charming and peaceful Tea Gardens of Munnar. Situated at an elevation of 5249.3 ft above the sea level the beautiful hill station has a lovely climate, which makes it a popular destination during the summers. Dotted with elegant guest houses and lush green tea plantation Munnaris considered as one of the most attractive and must visit tourist attractions in Kerala.
  • Thirdly, track wildlife at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is one of the 16thTiger Project Reserves in India. It is also known as the most striking wildlife sanctuary in the world. It houses a wide range of mammals,including Tiger, Elephant, Gaur, Sloth bear, Leopard, Dhole, and Nilgiri Langur. Periyar National Park also has a rich and varied bird fauna. Game rides are done on boats in Periyar National Park.
  • Fourthly, relax and laze around on the beach in Varkala. Vivid sea cliff, lovely sunsets and a hassle-free feeling combines to make it a great spot to unwind and unplug your stressful sightseeing schedule. This is one of the favorite spots in Kerala.kerala tour
  • Fifthly, during your holiday tour, stay at one of the famous home stays with all the amenities and services, for whatever duration it takes, to discover the beautiful parts of Kerala. While your stay experience the hospitality and the unique tradition and culture.
  • Sixthly, savor the amazing cuisines and enjoy the aroma of different spices. Being the spice bowl of India, Kerala’s spices are very renownedacross the globe. The spice plantations of Kerala are truly mesmerizing to wander in. These farms have different sections of each plantation and are dedicated to different spices. One can even stop over at one of the well-appointed resorts in the spice gardens during their Kerala Holiday Tour.
  • Lastly, during your Kerala Holiday Tour visit the old port of Cochin / Kochi. Kerala has long been a seaport, attracting traders from the Middle East and beyond. The old part of the city is enchanting, and features small hotels, cafes, a spice market, the famous Chinese fishing nets and a beautiful atmosphere.

It is very difficult to choose between these never-ending journeys in Kerala. The easy way to solve this problem is to think about what you like in order to design a holiday that is perfect for you.

Calicut, Ambling Through The City of Sculptures

calicut - famous trip india

Calicut is a beautiful and culturally-rich city located in the state of Kerala. It has been known by several names during the course of history, including City of Spices and City of Sculptures. Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is the third largest city in Kerala and is famous for being once the capital of the formidable Zamorin dynasty. Over the several past decades, this city has earned several accolades and titles such as the “City of Spices”, the “City of Truth” and the “City of Sculptures.”

You can head to the famous Mananchira Square, which is basically a park situated in the centre of the city and is named after the artificial lake “Mananchira” around which it is situated. This lake is a great place to visit with your family and friends. It is rectangular in shape and is fed by a natural spring. It has a very interesting history, considering that it was originally built by the Zamorin Mana Vikrama as a bathing pool.

Kozhikode beach

Calicut also acts as the basin for the Kallayi river. You can witness gorgeous dawn breaks and sunsets by the side of Kallayi for a memorable experience. Its scenic location and serenity makes it a parts of the best places to visit in Calicut. Calicut is also home to the Canoly Canal, constructed in the year 1848, that connects the Kallayi river in the south to the Korapuzha river in the north. There is a speedboat service on the canal from the Karaparamba to the Sarovaram Park site started by the Canoly Canal Development Samithi in 2009.

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Beach lovers can seek abode at the famous Kappad Beach famous for being the landing for the Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama in the year 1498. The beautiful Beypore Beach is also an ideal beach destination for both leisure travellers and history buffs. It used to be the port of trade and maritime centre for Arabian and European merchants during olden ages. It offers a mesmerising old-world charm with its serene location and the 2 km long stone pier that offers a walk to the sea adds to its beauty. Payyoli beach is also quite popular among tourists for its serenity. Calicut also boasts of being home to the beautiful Thusharagiri Falls that offers an exciting scope for trekking and rock climbing.thusharagiri-waterfalls

If you are a shopaholic looking for an exciting shopping destination, then Calicut is definitely the place to be. It is famous for its fresh spices, handicraft items and tea. It also offers a wide variety of clothing options to the shoppers. No matter what do you want to purchase, you can head the famous Sweet Meat Street and Manvoor Road. Court Road Spice Market is a great place to shop for spices.

There are a lot of hotels in Calicut covering options for travelers of all preferences and requirements. Luxury options include Welcome Hotel Raviz Kadavu, Hotel Paramount Tower, Malabar Palace and The Taj Gateway hotel. Travelers on a mid-range budget can seek accommodation at Emerald Ayurvedic Health Resort, Hotel King Fort, Hotel Soorya Galaxy, and East Avenue Suites.

So whether you are into adventure or just a simple traveller looking for a peaceful vacation, Calicut is the perfect place for you to visit with your family and friends. Pack your bags soon and head to Calicut, and we assure you that its vivid history and beautiful places will make you want to come back again!