Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip

Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip

This is the time of the year when people make travel plans with their pals and families. No matter whether you are planning a Pakistan Tour or visit specific regions of the country, don’t go for planes, buses, or trains, instead, try something more exciting and adventurous i.e. a road trip! Traveling is fun and enjoyment but from a health point of a view, it is more than that. It has been studied that traveling reduces stress, relaxes minds, and refreshes the body. Continue reading “Pakistan Tours – Ways To Have An Awesome Road Trip”

Travelling to Chicago for your Wedding

Travelling to Chicago for your Wedding

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned Midwestern wedding, Chi-town has plenty of great venues for your nuptials. It’s a city that has just about everything, from grand old churches to sleekly modern museums. Here are five scenic locations in the Windy City that would be perfect places for saying your vows.

Camp Wandawega

Okay, so this may be cheating just a little. Camp Wandawega is technically in Wisconsin. But it’s only two hours from Chicago proper, and it’s owned by Chicago natives, so it gets a pass. Camp Wandawega has a beautiful selection of outdoor venues for your wedding reception, including lakeside ceremony spots and even an honest-to-god treehouse. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Stan Mansion

If a rustic wedding doesn’t appeal to you, the Stan Mansion may be just what you’re looking for. Located in historic Logan Square, it’s bursting with grand, old-world charm; all burnished gold and understated opulence. The grand garden outside is a perfect spot for taking wedding photos, too. There are even suites where the wedding party can spend the night after the reception.

Adler Planetarium

If you and your partner are the star-gazing type, consider a science-themed wedding at the Adler Planetarium. It’s located on the water’s edge across from the city proper, so you can enjoy amazing views during your reception. There are a number of spaces in the planetarium that are available for weddings, including a small black box theater. Odds are you’ll want to hold the ceremony among the stars in the planetarium itself.

Pinstripes Northbrook

For a more playful wedding and reception, try Pinstripes’ Bowling & Bocce Bistro. They have plenty of glamour for an upscale ceremony, with private ballrooms for rent. But afterwards you can unwind with lawn games, or even play a few frames in their bowling alley. Just try not to get lane oil on your wedding dress.

Shedd Aquarium

For the marine-biology-loving couple, you can’t beat the Shedd Aquarium for your wedding ceremony. Your wedding guests can dine on fine linen next to a huge tank while watching sharks lazily swim by as they munch their food. Have your cocktail hour with dolphins and whales. For the ceremony itself, you can let the fish be your witnesses, or you can get married in their gorgeous lakeside garden.


This Caribbean fusion restaurant in the West Loop neighborhood features gorgeous, vibrant stained-glass decor and a menu heavy on locally-grown, organic fare. Their colorful dining room seats up to 300 people and the easy access to outdoor areas make it an ideal choice for couples who want to incorporate wedding sparklers or other fun outdoor activities into their wedding. You’re sure to get some truly striking pictures posing among their lavish furnishings.

Newberry Library

For bookish types, the Newberry Library is a grand old space with plenty of charm. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by the wisdom of the ages, breathing in the inimitable smell of old books. The building has three different wedding and reception venues which can seat up to 300 guests.

If you’re looking for an unconventional wedding venue, then Chicago has plenty of options to delight even the most discerning bride and groom. Whether you’re looking for old-school charm or gleaming metal and glass, travelling to Chicago for your wedding will yield the perfect results.

Travel Tips to Make Your National Park Trip More Enjoyable

National parks are great holiday destinations for nature lovers and adventure seekers. They offer a wonderful mix of scenic wonders, rugged terrain and grand vistas. As such they attract millions of tourists each year all over the world. Majority of the tourists roughly 58 per cent come to national parks as they love the spectacular scenery and landscape. The sprawling greenery and the picturesque surroundings beckon nature lovers to the national parks.The beauty, tranquility and the serenity of the place draws more and more vacationers. Continue reading “Travel Tips to Make Your National Park Trip More Enjoyable”

Vietnam: 3 Great Cities to Explore

Vietnam: 3 Great Cities to Explore

Vietnam is a fascinating place to visit. It is rich in history and culture. Much of Vietnam’s history is fraught with strife, colonization and war. Even before the Americans arrived on her shores, Vietnam was invaded and occupied by China at least four times. The resilient people of Vietnam have been able to fight off invaders from France and Japan as well.

  1. The Capitol City of Hanoi

Hanoi can boast being the capitol of Vietnam for nearly one thousand years. It is considered the cultural center and every dynasty that has ever ruled has left their mark. Some of the relics didn’t survive, but the city is chock full of historical monuments and a wealth of culture to make any visit to Vietnam incomplete without visiting this ancient city. The center of commerce is the Red River where you can see rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see. When visiting Hanoi, take a tour of one of the hundreds of temples and pagodas to get a real feel for the Vietnamese culture.

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  1. Ho Chi Minh City Formerly Saigon

Located near the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City has the distinction of being the largest city in Vietnam. Before the 17th century, it was the chief port of the Cambodians before Vietnam annexed it. When the American’s left the conflict in Vietnam, the city of Saigon was merged with the province of Gia Dinh and given the name of Ho Chi Minh City. Citizens and visitors alike still call this city by the name of Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City is home to more than nine million people and is said to be the largest of any metropolitan area in Indochina.

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Visitors will enjoy the flamboyant buildings and boulevards built by the French when they occupied the area. Be sure you take a tour of the architectural wonders of City Theater, Reunification Hall and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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  1. Halong Bay-A Haven for Beach Enthusiasts

For those looking for a more relaxing vacation sitting along the shoreline, then Halong Bay is the area to visit. The bay is home to more than 1900 islands made of monolithic limestone. The islands are rich with vegetation and many of the isles rise majestically from the ocean. You will find a number of the islands have facilities for tourists such as hotels and beaches where you can frolic in the clear water and leave your cares behind.

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