Obtaining a Chinese Tourist Visa – Steps That You Need To Follow

Obtaining a Chinese Tourist Visa, china visa

Obtaining a Chinese tourist visa 

Are you planning to visit the land of The Great Wall for a few days with your family? If answered yes, you must be looking for ways to get yourself a tourist visa. In order to enter the People’s Republic of China, a US citizen requires having a valid US passport and a visa to China with the exceptions of Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Continue reading “Obtaining a Chinese Tourist Visa – Steps That You Need To Follow”

Travel To China on a Budget

Travelling To China on a Budget

At one time, it was virtually impossible to visit China. However, those restrictions have been lifted today as tourists regularly visit the capital of Beijing and prominent cities such as Shanghai during a holiday or for business travel.

Budget Travel to China Is a Viable Option
If you are planning a holiday to China, then you can see the country and its sites and not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money at the same time. Transportation to sites is cheap and luxury accommodations can be enjoyed without breaking the proverbial bank.

Lower Prices for Luxury Stays
If you book your tour through a tour company, you can enjoy high-quality accommodations and guided excursions that make traveling on a budget realizable. When you use such a tour company, you can book a 5-star hotel stay at 3- and 4-star prices.

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Compare the Difference in Price for Yourself
if you are on a budget for your tour of China, you do not have to worry about the total amount you will pay as the prices have already been reduced before you plan a trip. Again, when booking with a tour company, you can travel affordably as tour prices are a whopping 95% less when contrasted with comparable tours featured by UK tour operators.

An Inexpensive Way to Shop
Because most Western travellers are not familiar with the Chinese landscape, it is essential to plan a trip, preferably with a Chinese tour operator, which can introduce China and its scenery at a reduced rate. Therefore, in travelling China on a budget may entail visiting one of the country’s beautiful parks, seeing the Great Wall or shopping in Shanghai along Dongtai Road. Indeed, Dongtai Road is an inexpensive way to shop. Browsing along the shopping street is never an expensive proposition and you can pick up one of a variety of unique items at a fairly low price.

Buying a Lucky Cricket
When you walk down the shopping avenue, you will discover an endless span of antiques, books, teapots and art. Add to your good fortune by picking up a lucky cricket at one of the plant and animal market stands.

Ready for Travelling
Budget and do-it-yourself tours make it possible to plan a bespoke tour at a price that you can afford. Tour companies that offer discounts to travellers make it possible for you to choose just the hotels and flights you want to book as well as river cruises within China itself.

Controlling Your Spending
It is nice, if you are planning a trip to China, that you have control over your spending. This will allow you to stay at quality hotels, as well as travel on holiday more frequently.

Both Affordable and Exciting
Needless to say, if you are planning a faraway trip, you need to work with a travel company that understands your budgetary travel needs. That is why cost-conscious consumers use travel companies that feature trips that are as affordable as they are exciting.