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Wildlife Tour India reveals the exotic, wilderness, rich and diverse Indian wildlife along with national parks and sanctuaries. India is widely famous for preserving the diverse and exotic fauna and flora in their natural habitation in several tiger reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. Continue reading “Explore The Astonishing Wildlife Sanctuaries In India Through Wildlife Tour India”

Coorg; The Most Nature Blessed District in Karnataka

Coorg; The Most Nature Blessed District in Karnataka

Coorg is a district in the state of Karnataka, India, covering an area of 4,102 sq km of diverse land. The headquarter of the district is based in Madikeri, which is roughly about 5 hours drive distance from Bangalore, the capital of the encompassing state. The fertile regions of Coorg were significant since the medieval era. Besides, the strategic location of it was also one major reason behind the fact that several battles were fought in the past in order to gain the reign over Coorg. Following the Independence of India, Coorg was declared an independent state in 1950. Later in the year 1956 when the government reorganized many Indian states, Coorg got included in the state of Karnataka, which is still the encompassing state of Coorg.

Being in Coorg gives one multiple opportunities to explore the unspoiled natural beauty of the district. Like said above, Kodagu is rich with natural heritage. Nature blesses and flourishes the regions of the district. The list of sightseeing here is long, making one to stay here for at least 3 to 4 days. Of the various attractions of the district there is a spot that is a must go. It is called Raja’s Seat which means the ‘seat of the King’. The tourist site is located within Madikeri and is easily accessible. Besides, there are number of good Coorg hotels also offering transportation to the tourist point. Raja’s Seat is basically a beautiful location where exists a white structure that is set on an elevated platform, in the middle of green grassland. The structure is quite simple with four pillars and arched gateways. Meanwhile, the place houses different beautiful flower-beds that are creatively ploughed. Plus, there are beautiful fountains that add more to the beauty of the site. The place is more famous for being the site for King’s recreation and the background of number of romantic liaisons of the royals. Wildlife tour India is becoming the best of India’s adventures, where people are getting the highest tall of the wildlife adventure activities.

Even in the modern era, Coorg is oozes the old world charm. Its areas are covered with lush greenery and the air and water are unpolluted. Also generally referred as Kodagu, it is important to know that Coorg does not have a railway station or airport. If one is travelling to the district the nearest railway stations are situated in Mysore and Mangalore, located about 120 km and 135 km respectively. Mangalore also has a modern airport, which is the nearest airport to Kodagu. The good thing is there are a few 5 Star hotels in Coorg that offer pick and drop service to the railway station as well as the airport.

Coorg is known for its chilies and coconuts. The spicy meals of the region are must-try when in the place. Also don’t forget to sip-in and buy the freshly grown coffee of the district. Besides, the homegrown Mushrooms are also popular items to take along after Coorg tour. The seasons of post-Monsoon, Winter, and Spring are the best for a tour of the Kodagu and its attractions. These are the time durations when the entire region of Kodagu is at its best, and the climate is most pleasant. On the other hand, summers are generally hot in here. Summer starts here in mid-March or April.

A Chance For Your Adventure In The Wildlife Tour India

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Most of the people like to travel to India for their vacation and see the wildlife tour. One of the best national parks that has all the animals in the same place is the Ranthambhore National Park. This is the only park that has many animals like tiger, chital, leopard, dhole, wild boar, nilgai, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and much more. The magnificent jungles of Central India and the deciduous forests makes more tourists to visit Continue reading “A Chance For Your Adventure In The Wildlife Tour India”