Though much of Bangladesh has been developed, it is said that at last 15% of it is still a forest region. The three main areas are the tidal forest found in coastal area of Sundarban, the Chittagong Hills which is a tropical rain forest and the jungle of Madhupur.

Essential Facts for Travel to Bangladesh: If you travel to the jungle of Madhupur you will typically see tigers as well as other large game. In the Sundarbans you may encounter crocodiles and the hill areas are replete with leopards, elephants and rhinoceroses.

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Bangladesh’s national bird is the Magpie Robin or the Doel. These are shy birds that can easily be spotted in the towns and villages. During their breeding season the male will sing loudly from his favorite tree top during the early morning hours and in the late afternoon.

Bangladesh - royal bengal tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger

The Shalik is another bird commonly found in Bangladesh. He is near in size to the robin of America. He is quite a noisy fellow and is part of the Myna family of birds. A comical sight is seeing one of them perched upon the back of cattle and they seem to enjoy the company of chickens as well. They are often kept as pets and can imitate human speech. They are excellent talkers and love to whistle and sing as well.

Bangladesh - sambar deer

Sambar Deer

Bangladesh has a prince among them in the Royal Bengal Tiger. He is the national animal and is a species that is highly endangered. His sleek coat with its vivid patterns make him quite sought after in the region. They enjoy feasting upon the Sambar Deer which is a common animal found throughout the continent of Asia.

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Primates are in abundance in the Hill Tracts as well as the Sundarbans. There are a wide variety of monkeys along with the only ape that is found on the subcontinent, the Hoolock Gibbon. This ape mates for life and will defend their territory with echoing songs that seem to whistle throughout the early morning hours of the forest.  They are often referred to as the “singing ape.”

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If wildlife and birding is what you crave, there is no better place to see it than in Bangladesh. Leave the world behind and bring along a camera and your binoculars and be prepared to see natural sights that can only be found in Bangladesh.

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