Today in Australia festivals have become abundant. Hundreds of festivals are held each year, some huge and others are small. The festivals are very thrilling and for sure they are worth taking a trip to Australia if one wants to witness a showcase of Australia works.

Sydney Festival

The festival happens in January. It is a Australian festivals that incorporates all forms of arts such as dance, theater, music, visual art, film, forums and large-scale free outdoor events. There are about 80 events that are hosted by the festival for three weeks in January. An estimate of 500 artists from Australia and abroad are present It allows visitors to enjoy the view of the magnificent city Sydney. The iconic Domain Series are held during this festival.

Sydney-festivals, Top Australian FestivalsNational Multicultural Festival

It is held over four days in the month of February in the city of Canberra. There is a showcase of the best local and international music, dance, food and creative arts. Food and Dance Spectacular are the most favorites of the show.

The Greek Glendi, Carnival, the International concert and the Pacific Islander are also showcased in this festival. The mainstream festival is complemented by the Fringe festival.

Perth international Arts Festival

It’s one of the oldest festivals in Australia as the first was held in 1953. It encompasses events such as music, theater, music, film contemporary drama and comedy. The Western Indigenous Art Showcase (WAIAS) is incorporated in this festival.

Adelaide Festival Of Arts

The festival is held in March. It is a festival of art featuring events such as dance, theatre, literature and visual arts. It a festival that defines Australia as the Nation’s premier festival state

Darwin Festival

It is held in August. The uniqueness of the city is expressed in this festival. There is a showcase of multicultural community and the youthful energy. During the festival, the tropical climate and elegant lifestyle is experienced. Indigenous art gallery is exhibited.

Margaret River Gourmet Escape

This will be held from the 21st to 23rd of November in Margaret River. It is a festival of food and wine. It attracts international and Australian food and wines superstars. It allows the visitors to enjoy the taste of different foodies of the world. As one gets cooking demonstration and tasting wines, the beach barbecue brunches is also in line.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Australian festivals is held in Melbourne town Hall around March and April. It is described as one of the largest comedy festival in the world. International and Australian comedians are attracted to this Australian festivals. While in this event one should expect plenty of cabaret, stand-up comedy theater and street performances. Australia has a lot of festival choices; anyone wishing to attend any festival has to obtain an Australian visa.

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