Are you tired of 9 to 5 jobs and craving a holiday badly, but can’t get a long leave from your boss, then plan a 4 to 5 day trip with wildlife destinations who will help you get rid of all your stress with short escapades into the wilderness of mother nature, where you can get tailor made packages for a best possible wildlife experience. India is an amazing land with much diversity in climate, geographical topography or flora and fauna. With 450 wildlife sanctuaries, 99 national parks and 40 tiger reserves, which are located in every nook and corner of the country, you will get enthralling experience in the lap of nature with lush green surroundings and marvelous creatures roaming in their own habitat.

Spot big wild cats or majestic elephants when you plan a wildlife holiday tour. Wildlife destination provides you with excitement during your holidays with adrenaline rush during nature walks and animal spotting. Your trip will be promising and awe-inspiring with diverse types mammals to spot in the parks and reserves throughout the country and you will feel relaxed and tension free in the raw and untouched green landscapes dotted with wild animals.

All this imagination must have made you quite excited about the trip and if you are craving to step out into the wilderness and wildlife holiday, wildlife destinations have just the right packages for your perfect holiday. There are several National Parks in India like Panna, Kanha, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, etc. and world’s 60 percent of tigers resides in these vast expanses. We will know more about some National parks in the article:

Gir National Park in Gujarat

Gir forest of Gujarat is home to Asiatic Lions and they are very famous throughout the world. People visiting Gujarat make sure to visit the park to spot the ions. If you wish to take a jungle safari and spot the wildlife and the Lion King, then opt for a wildlife holiday in the Gir forest. You can take a train to Junagarh from Ahmedabad and then hire a cab to Gir forest. Plan a lion safari inside the park to spot the giant creature in lush green forest and watch nature’s marvel dwelling in the forest. You can also go for a boat ride in lakes situated inside the park. The forest is full of Asiatic lions, sloth bears, Indian leopards, jungle cats, snakes, hyenas, black bucks, crocodiles and monitor lizards. You can visit the park during 16th October to 15th June every year. Wildlife destinations offer you several tailored packages to visit the Gir forest complete with accommodation, traveling and food, so plan an amazing holiday in the Gir National Park.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National park is a picturesque forest located in Madhya Pradesh and is very beautiful, just out of the movie The Jungle Book. The park has several types of species of animals preserved in it and various endangered species have been saved in there. Kanha reserve is a scenic and magnificent wildlife reserve and the Tiger terrain is a perfect home for both predator and prey. The region is a paradise with lush green meadows for spotting deers, blackbucks, sambhar or Chital which can be commonly seen and you can spot tigers as well roaming with head held high in their own territory and habitat. The reserve is spread across 1940 square kms and it has a valley in the shape of horshoe and Surpan river spirals through the park providing a water source for the animals. You can spot tigers, gaur, bison, barking deer, jackal, hyena, nilgai, pythons, mongoose, monkeys and leopards etc. Barasinghasare the main attraction of the place and several measures were taken to save them from extinction. The park is closed from July to October in the monsoon season and you can book your trip online with wild destinations for a planned holiday with proper itinerary and activities.

Enjoy your holiday in the lap of nature with wonderful creatures and species to explore and leave all your worries of the concrete jungle in the green jungle forever.

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