Life confined in your city or home is no life. Traveling is one of the best things we do. Exploring the world opens our eyes and broadens our vision is one of the funniest hobbies.

However, you must plan and research your trip correctly. Do some homework. Traveling without any knowledge can lead you into troubles sometimes. This planning is not limited to know your destination and weather conditions. You also have to make a list of activities, which are going to entertain you all the way to your destination. So raise your hands if you are planning to travel somewhere in the near future. We are going to tell you five amazing activities that can make your journey fantastic.

  1. Make a great playlist:

Great music means excellent fun. The sound system plays the vital role as well. Choose the best sound system you can afford, and install it in your car. It will make your trip memorable.

Choose wisely the list of songs you are going to play. Try to heed everyone’s personal choices as well. That is not too difficult. Opt the songs from super hit movies, from super hit albums of the well-known singers.

  1. Take breaks after regular intervals:

If your trip is very long, it is essential to take regular breaks. Keep sitting in the car for long hours would be tiring and destroy the charm of the trip.

Take regular breaks. Get out of the car. Take photographs, enjoy the nature and have proper rest. It will add to the number of hours, but will also add to the level of freshness you feel when you arrive at your destination. You would be able to enjoy not only your destination but also several stops on the way. You will get to know about more places.

  1. Turn your car into Moving Cinema:

Yeah, watching movies on a trip is great fun. It will make the time pass very fastly. You might feel at the end that you better had traveled more and watched another movie.

Try to have built-in screens in your car. It is the most entertaining way to enjoy your car as a moving theater, but no need to worry, even if it is not possible. Using ipad or portable DVD player is also a good option. Calculate the number of hours you have and choose the movie that is equally enjoyable for all members.

  1. Make a list of Games:

Playing games while traveling is the best way to enjoy your trip. If you have kids, you would probably be gaming all the time. It is the best way to keep them busy. Play card games as they are equally entertaining for adults. Go for guess games. They will help you to stay alert throughout the trip. Tell each other stories. Play singing games, they sound hilarious for teens. Make a proper list of games before the trip, considering the mental level of all people who are going with you.

  1. Turn off the GPS:

It may sound scary but is so much fun if you try it. All of us use Google Maps these days. The voice in your phone keeps telling you where to go, and you reach your destination very easily. It feels so good when you do not have any difficulty in finding the way.



But believe me, it is fun to get lost sometimes. So forget your way by losing your satellite. Let you navigate yourself. Who knows you might find a very cool neighborhood, some very new place you would never have discovered if you had kept using maps. Who knows that area might be more beautiful than your destination?

Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.

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