The diversity in flora and fauna of India is well known. We have people flying in from various countries just to have a peek at the Bengal Tigers or get rejuvenated in the beautiful jungles of Jim Corbett. The beautiful ranges in the North and the marshy forests on the east are another attractive and unique proposition that India offers. Once known for its wildlife, the country is still a home to innumerable Sanctuaries and Wildlife conservation parks. We hold various species of wildlife that is just unique to the country and give them a natural habitat in which they survive.

Are you absorbed in by your 9-5 job? There is just monotony and traffic jams are all what you see? Well, we out here have an engaging offer for you which would relieve you of your stress and take you into the wild for a couple of days. Leave the noise of the traffic and the pollution of your city behind and explore the wilderness. Explore the most beautiful kinds of flowers and some real unique animals with whom you could connect with. It’s a place where you wake up to a picturesque view and you just want to breathe it all in. So explore this heaven on earth and be fully rejuvenated.

Here is more about some wildlife parks in India which you can explore:

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National park is a heritage location which has world’s two thirds of rhinoceros and the largest number of tigers in the protected and confined zones. It is quite difficult to spot tigers due to tall grass, but you can feel them all around you with paw markings around the territory. The park has a large number of breeding population of buffalo, elephants and wild buffalos. It seems like a fairy town dwelling with blue lagoons, towering rugged mountains, gushing waterfalls and clear skies, which feels like heaven on the earth. The park has unique wildlife, rivers and forests in its awesome landscapes and is a popular tourist destination. You get the feeling of utmost peace and tranquility when you are nestled in the cozy lap of Mother Nature with awe-inspiring views of jungles, trees, flora, fauna and meandering rivers. The forest is a wonderful and enigmatic reserve where you can watch elephant herds or rhinos roaming in the wild with the landscape of elephant grass, swamps and grass meadows. Opt for an elephant ride at dawn for a wonderful experience to get a chance to spot wild animals at close quarters. You can also see wild boars, elephants, tigers, leopards, langurs, pythons, monitor lizards or Barasinghas. You can book a tour at the wildlife destinations online as they provide planned tours with accurate guidance along with travelling and food facilities.

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba national park in Maharashtra is the oldest and largest park of the state and is a project tiger reserve of India. Full name of the park is the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and the river Andhari flows through the park. The park has about 43 tigers and it remains open from 15th October to 30th June with a weekly off on Tuesday.  Tropical deciduous forest has thick vegetation with several water Lakes. The park is lined with hillocks, meadows, valleys and forests which shelter the wild animals and you can enjoy Tiger Safari in an open jeep. The forest has River Taboda, Lake Taboda and Kolsa lake and you can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in the park. You can spot animals like Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Nilgai, Jungle cats, crocodiles, python, cobra, the list is quite long. You can go on the web portal of wild destinations to book a wonderful trip to  Taboda National park and enjoy the wild holiday which will sooth your longing heart

Pack your bags now and get going to the most desired wildlife destination holiday and rest in the lap of mother nature to get your head clear of everyday stress.

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